Septic Tank Pumping Serving North of the river

Big Septic Tank Truck — Septic Tank Pumping in Platte City, MO
H & H Septic Service Inc is your local septic tank expert team. When your septic tank needs pumping, contact our septic experts. We provide state of the art septic tank pumping without damaging your system. Septic Tank Pumping is a serious situation, don't try to do it yourself. Contact the professionals at H & H Septic Service Inc. We are there for your convenience and peace of mind year-round.

Professional Tank Pumping Service

Septic tank pumping is a serious business and should be handled by trusted professionals. When you need septic tank pumping, contact the professionals at H & H Septic Service Inc. We service both commercial and residential customers. Call us now for a free estimate by phone or to schedule a professional septic tank pumping service at (816) 330-4040.

Q: Have you had your septic tank pumped in the last 5 years?

A: If not, you should call us for a routine maintenance check to keep your septic tank functioning properly.